Monday, February 11, 2008

Key issues

First it was a random key or two, intermittently, and always on the row below the number row. Then the problem manifested itself more and more often. I liked this keyboard, with its two extra USA ports. But I've given it up. And I don't like the new one as well as the old one. The pitch isn't as steep, even with the little legs set up; the travel is too far; the touch is squishy; the resistence is low; the springback is slow. I hate looking all the time to see whether what I entered is what was produced. So I'll live with a different keyboard. It always amazes me that people will pay for a "wrist rest." A person using a keyboard correctly and at a good ergonomic height doesn't rest a wrist on anything. I've never had a keyboard just give out like that before, no matter how heavily it's been used. This is just another case for the handbasket department.


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