Thursday, March 21, 2013

This week's floral arrivals

Tubergen's Gem species tulips joined the display today. Narcissus Hummingbird is tiny and sweet. Monday brought us many white Dutch iris flowers, along with one double daffodil Texas. We have many lantana flowers, many asclepius (milkweed flowers) of both colors growing in pots, still some grape hyacinths, and more and more poet's narcissus of various varieties, more than we've enjoyed in some time. The iphieon flowers are many. The giant swallowtail butterflies are everwhere. There are a few flowers on hyacinth beans that have wintered over. Yesterday, we saw an armadillo when the sun was up, not as large as the one seen in our yard recently, but quite a good size, and loping along to the west in a neighboring yard as fast as we've ever seen one go. We've seen a third variety of sweet pea, a deep pink one with a beautiful non-soapy scent that's spicy and a little like freesia. There are three types of nasturtium in bloom, all trailing or climbing types.


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