Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring in progress

The pollinated flowers are falling from the live oak tree in the front yard. Sweet peas are in bloom in two places, in pots and behind the house. There is one true poppy flower open. The roses that reverted to the root stock variety are covered with flowers. The pansies and violas in pots are getting leggy but continue to do quite well, thanks to faithful deadheading; They are a great attraction to the honeybees. We're seeing almost as many mourning doves as whitewings. The hailstorm seems to have accounted for the loquat fruits that had survived through the last killing frost. It was surprising to see that the show went on for Circo Hermanos Vazquez, according to a Circo Hermanos Vazquez: clown blog kept by one of the star clowns. Lantana is starting all over again from the roots and not releafing on last year's branches. There are no signs yet of revival of Pride of Barbados or of plumbago.


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