Saturday, June 16, 2001

This morning it was chainsaws and woodchippers, but I'll say no more. Luckily, that was all far enough away so that I could stand to use my trusty non-power mower, new in 1977. So it was that I was the lucky recipient of news imparted by our neighborhood town-crier equivalent. So-and-so's house is being repainted with purple trim. Such-and-such a house has new occupants. Then one of the partners in a real-estate brokerage with a big piece of the neighborhood real-estate pie parked in front of the house. He was there to add a "swimming pool" sign to the property across the street, which has languished on the market for many months now. He said that the price is down to a more realistic number now, and he is the new broker on the scene. The prior, unsuccessful broker put up a pool sign as well; his was altered by midnight vandals to readl "poo." My latest accomplishment is to completely destroy the HTML table code for a web page that I publish for a certain organization. That was the error-laden part of the day; I'll start afresh on it tomorrow or the day after, when I get a chance. I did not open the executable file accompanying e-mail from a former boss, luckily; it turned out to be contain a virus sent to everyone in his address book.


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