Thursday, January 24, 2002

Today brought another treasure from San Antonio. How wonderful to know that wonderful thoughts are headed your way. When I searched for "flatiron" images, the first ones found were for the Flatiron Building in Manhattan and then for the Flatirons in Boulder. Now I know that there is an on-line headquarters for antique pressing irons. I made out better when I searched on "sad iron." It appears that people who collect laundry and pressing items are also interested in wood ranges. Paul Ray's last two tracks on his afternoon show--last two forever, it appears, in the afternoon--were a Johnny Hartman and a Gene Ammons, both very moody and soulful. If I were going to be indignant today, I would be indignant about KUT program changes. It's wonderful that Afro-Pop and World Music are returning, but nothing that we like to hear is on when we like to hear it! Nothing against Jay Trachtenberg, but Paul Ray and Larry Monroe have tastes more in accord with mine. We're seeing more tulips and more of our Montopolis narcissus from Bastrop. Some of the narcissus stalks have been knocked down by the wind, so have come indoors. These are the most beautiful blooms! They most resemble Avalanche and Grand Primo, both themselves difficult to find at any price. All these apparently date from no later than 1700 or so. We also love Actea, Flower Record, and Geranium, but they're not so faithful at returning.


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