Wednesday, February 20, 2002

In PCMag, John Dvorak seems to approve of weblogs mostly on the ground that they tend to displace an excess of cat pictures. Whose sites has he been cruising, anyhow? Roling Stone has the best article on the San Francisco case involving a so-called Presa Canario dog. The reporter did some real investigation, concluding that the dogs were in fact who-knows-what. NYT provides daily coverage. Today's piece showed the female defendant's female attorney in a pose that just begs for a caption. Harper's Magazine has a piece focusing on the so-called Dartmouth murders, saying that one of ten Vermont boys of high-school age is either behind bars or under supervision, this in a state with a total population of about 600,000, most of whom seem to live in Burlington these days. The writer's point seemed to be that you can run but you can't hide, speaking of yuppoid-tending parents seeking a "safe" place.


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