Saturday, March 23, 2002

What a relief to actually indulge in some eintertainment. Monsoon Wedding drew a very good crowd at the Westgate down south. Exhibitors are missing a bet not to send a morsel our way once in a while. The show was dense and entertaining and something that should definitely be seen on the big screen. The audience laughed a great deal. At the end, thinking the movie was over, the greatest part of the audience headed for the door, but all lingered to see the additional bits interspersed among the credits. We scored a lot of asparagus at the South Austin Farmers' Market. Before the movie we had time to try out the old Richard Jones BBQ walk-up window (now calling itself RJ Pitt's or something along those lines. It all felt very Austin-like and homey. My brisket and sausage both were good, though of course not as good as at the old Pit downtown by the Back Forty. The woman at the walk-up window was old-style Austin. I really couldn't stomach the din and confusion at Central Market after these past couple of weeks that we've had, so while one braved it, I headed for Borders. I felt guilty to buy there and not at Book People, but came out with a replacement copy of "La guerra del fin del mundo" (Vargas Llosa)--by the way, the link is to the edition that I bought. I don't like it as well as the one not returned. All apart from the difference in prices, this one has slick, offset pages, and the old one was letterpress and had a better typeface and paper that was much more pleasant to the touch. It would be interesting to see the movie made from this; it certainly could not have encompassed all of the novel. I also came away with a copy of Russell Banks's Trailerpark stories, figuring it'll go out of print again and the library will deaccession it and I won't be able to read the ice-fishing story any more without a copy of my own....I was wrong, the fishing story is among those collected in Angel on the Roof. Nevertheless, I prefer to own them all.


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