Thursday, April 04, 2002

We think that the character played by Eduardo Santamarina will save the day in Amigas y rivales. He and Nailea Norvind, along with Ernesto la Guardia, are latecomers to the plot. It's been ages since either one of has been ill, let alone both of us. For me, it must have been back in 1991, another time of great stress and crisis. How can I tell? The clue lies in the expiration date on the cough medicine. I'm "never" ill, but when I am it always involves a sore throat and lots of "residue," which always makes me cough unendurably. CCH has always relied on horehound drops; but I've always needed Pine Brothers honey, which aren't made these days, just the honey-lemon ones. I also like Throat Discs, which must have capsicum in them. Hall's Mentholyptus I can stand, Vicks make me ill all by themselves, and I can't even stand the smell of something cherry-flavored when I'm sick. I hadn't realized that Throat Discs are supposedly over 75 years old. Back long ago when they were owned by Parke-Davis the packaging made them appear to be a product of the late 'forties or early 'fifties.


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