Tuesday, June 25, 2002

UPS has not shone during this interval. Evidently some drivers are faithful about entering the fate of packages into the tracking system while others delay for up to 24 hours. The web site offers no assistance in finding help. The local telephone directory does have an all-purpose 800 number. The call-center help desk is useless. The employees, no matter which pick up the telephone, can be heard chewing gum, otherwise talking with a full mouth, and rattling and crinkling food wrappers and bags. They sound bored and rude and are able to tell no more than what appears via the on-line tracking system. If, and that's a big one, the driver ever enters complete information, these people are able to say, if the caller furnishes the tracking number, to what address a shipment was delivered. UPS refuses to initiate a tracer, requiring it to be done through the original shipping point.


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