Tuesday, September 24, 2002

There's still some of the old Austin out there. This week the solid-waste service is picking up "large brush" and I took ours out to the curb early yesterday morning, spending some time sawing up the longer items. The diameter limit is eight inches. Ours was oak, ligustrum, and pecan and tending toward the diameter limit. Two thirty-ish women were one step ahead of the crane and the chipper and moving fast. It had taken me a couple of hours just to carry stuff out front, but one woman filled the bed of the pickup in almost no time. I'm glad it was stacked neatly and that someone could use it. I h-a-t-e wood chippers and had my ear-protectors ready but didn't need 'em. In the old days, the takers would have come to the door to ask, as people did for the most worthless items.


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