Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Part of the membership of Club Desvelado is rereading various bits of Trollope. We had both forgotten about Lord Boanerges. K. asked where that name came from and I was surprised to find that I knew. Meeting with disbelief, I consulted Brewer's and found that I was correct. Both of us thought the pronunciation to be "bo-ANN-er-jeez" but it's really "bo-ann-URGE-ease" as it turns out. An on-line concordance describes Boanerges as a last name, but I'd call it an epithet. I had remembered that Lord Boanerges had something to do with the Jupiter or Thunderer newspaper, but it turns out that he's a great lover of meetings and statistics and said to be an analogue of the real-life Lord Brougham.


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