Friday, January 17, 2003

Hours were spent getting plants indoors before it was too dark--now that I think about it, I wonder why we worried about that, now that our new neighbors at the Walls Unit next door keep everything prison-yard bright for a block in every direction. Hauling them in was against my better judgment. Despite what the weatherpeople were claiming it just didn't feel as though there were going to be a killing frost. And there wasn't. But it does feel as though we'll at least come close to one tonight, so maybe it was all worth it. Personally, I'm tired of hauling that 12-foot schefflera in and out every year. The handtruck makes it easier, but I'd be content to tent it outdoors and then trim back anything frost-struck. I'm sure it would come back from the roots. K. doesn't want to take the chance. Apparently schleffera grows to tree height in some places and is regarded as a nuisance plant in Hawaii.


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