Friday, April 18, 2003

K. selected another movie for which I can't even recall seeing previews: Brian DiPalma's Snake Eyes. It must have been a low-budget comeback attempt, pretty much one location, Cage the only name star. It would have been too bad to miss it. We were up before the crack of dawn, determined to make good use of the day off and be back before "take the laundry off the clothesline" time on Good Friday. The closest Home Depot opens at 6 a.m. The crucial lawn-and-leaf bags were nabbed and so was a tough-to-find size of light bulb as an afterthought. Home Depot has two kinds of employees. One type never wants to meet the customer's eye. The other type is just as helpful as anyone could ever expect. It's easy to see where all the newcomers buy their "beautification elements." We did some groundwork at the Eco-Wise, which on its website offers sharpening for human-powered lawnmowers. Ours is old enough so that they wouldn't commit themselves without seeing it. We rented one that was sharp enough to cut paper.


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