Friday, July 25, 2003

One mystery solved

We've been training scarlet runner-bean plants, grown for the flowers, not the beans themselves, and cypress vines up, through, and around an old tomato tower by the back door. Every time we get a certain part of the tower filled in with the vines, a hole appears in them. Now we know that it's Lupe, a neighborhood cat, doing a circus act by leaping (1) from the ground to the top of a cedar post that doesn't provide much landing surface, (2) through an aperture in the tower and the plants grown on it, (3) to the top of a rectangular brick pillar. On the pillar she stretches out like a statue of a lion on a plinth. She usually returns via the same trajectory. This act is already circus-worthy; addition of some flames to the tower would make it a Gunther Gebel-Williams circus act.


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