Friday, November 07, 2003

In the realm of factoids

Someone else has noted the WSJ piece on marketing Mott's Clamato Joice in Mexico as an aphrodisiac (we'd seen it added to beer in the past. NARAL is using the bill-signing photo as a fund-raising device, but the photo's cropped, cutting the numbers of smirking old white men in half. The more panoramic view seemed to stretch from some old fool through enough to make a half-dozen on one side, to the Signer himself, through another half-dozen or so, ending up with somebody appearing in profile to be DeLay. This was an AP photo and it probably won't be up there long, but it seems to have caught the attention of many, not just this household. The NYT covers it and no doubt there has been a lot of reading into the Congressional Record about it. I wish REH were around to read the David Owen piece in the New Yorker about concrete. I remembered more than I'd have thought, but had never known about Edison concrete houses. Owen found somebody in Ohio living in one and loving it. This is the only photo found, and it's of a model, although there's a photo of a house under construction. On the Washington County site, I looked at Easton, Argyle, Dresden, and a couple of other township pages but couldn't find any photos of the old lime kilns.


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