Thursday, November 27, 2003

Neighbors at ease

The turkeys in this house are never roasted on the Day, whatever the Day may be. So it was off to Luby's, which was open, so we didn't need to go on a Grand Quest. It wasn't due to open until 11:00, but there was quite a line ahead of us already at that time (we were hungry!) and the doors had been opened ahead of time. There were lots of neighbors there dining, and lots of other neighbors picking up everything from a pie or two to the Complete Everything package to take home. We hardly saw an unfamliar face. We've always known that it's a great place to take little kids, because of the highchairs on wheels and because the staff will carry food to the table for those burdened with babies or on walkers or crutches. It turns out that the line works well for people in wheelchairs, also, which we hadn't ever known. It was tough to pick vegetables because there were so many that looked so tempting. The cornbread and the salsas were good as ever, and K. indulged in at least one pie. We saw tiny old ladies eating two and three different kinds of pie. There were several very large family groups seated at multi-tables pushed together. What a happy and convivial company we were and, as we left, we saw even more jolly folks waiting to enjoy their feast.


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