Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Pollo el Regio spreads its wings

The first El Regio was in a small trailer in a parking lot on Riverside. Business for the grilled chicken was mostly walk-up, either from people waiting for the bus or from night-time patrons of the Tejano clubs over that way. There was one picnic table, with no shade. Now, the original one is larger and we see new ones every day, the most recent in a parking lot on South Pleasant Valley. This week, we saw an elaborate television commercial on the local Univision, complete with an elaborate cartoon chicken in a western hat: it's not just the chicken being touted; it's also the borracho beans and the "salsitas picosas." Either the local station offering very good prices for time in and around the suppertime local news or El Regio is doing very good business. We see Univision on channel 31, without cable.


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