Monday, August 23, 2004

Return of Roger Cudney

Roger Cudney, the gringo villain of Mexican movies and telenovelas plays a distinguished surgeon in Mujer de madera. We know him as the mean Texan from the ranch in the middle of the burning Waco desert in Amigas y rivales and also as the halfway decent judge in Santitos, but the IMDB doesn't credit him for either of those roles. On this page, under the "Good to be Gringo" heading is found: "The Cleveland native has spent 30 years playing the ugly American in Mexican TV and movies, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Fans south of the border know him for his scintillating roles as The Plunderer of Archaeological Treasures and The Union-Busting Sweatshop Manager. In one soap opera, he starred as The Racist South Texas Rancher, uttering such fabulous lines as "Git off my land. Thousands of Americans have just died in New York. They shouldn't let anyone enter my country anymore." So it's not exactly Shakespeare, but how much money are you making off the world's disdain for us? 'Roger Cudney is the epitome of the bad gringo, a blending of all the worst American stereotypes," says David Wilt, who compiled the Biographical Dictionary of Mexican Film Performers.'" Marisa is now at the fabled Hospital del Bosque, where all the rich people in Mexico City go to be treated for their injuries and ailments, if one is to believe Televisa soaps. She's wearing a mask on her face while the viewing public, at least that part of it that follows the junky novela press, becomes accustomed to the idea that a new actress will be revealed when the mask comes off; of course, there will be some to whom the revelation is a surprise, but it shouldn't be, since the distinguished surgeon said that her voice was damaged and that an entirely new face had to be constructed.


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