Sunday, September 26, 2004


The person peering through the bushes in broad daylight was taking photographs for his son, who was born right here in this house. As I understand it, so were at least two more babies from that era. Although there was much clutter from the week's activities, complete with an overlay of Sunday newspaper, our revenant was invited in to take more photographs. At hand was a copy of the archival photograph of the house's early days that's from the files of the architect, Roy Leonidas Thomas, and now in the possession of the Austin History Center. Remarkably, our visitor was able to take quite a good photograph of the photograph, and a scanned version was sent on via e-mail also. The camera was a Konica Minolta Dimage in some iteration, perhaps the X50. Nearly every living person who has ever resided in this house returns to see it again. If we ever leave it, we'll probably do so also. Since we used to move every year or so before we came here, we must conclude that there's just something about El Mirador.


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