Thursday, March 17, 2005

Color gamut

Now all the wild-hued tones in the yard are joined by the blue-white and blue-red of tulipa clusiana and by the gray-toned blue of ipheion for the first time. Out back there are more blue and more red anemones than ever before in any year, making some show when combined with the many variants on yellow, orange, and white, plus crimsons and fuchsias, against a background of white allium, red geraniums, and at least four sprawls of nasturtium, each a different color. Whether there'll be more Dutch tulips remains to be seen. Geranium narcissus is appearing, but there have been no signs of Thalia yet. Fennel and chile plants that came through the winter are showing new leaves. New nasturtiums germinated today. We have seen no pillbugs. The return of cooler weather is helping the long-timers last better than they otherwise might've. The one-dollar clematis has reappeared in both locations. Of the Dutch irises, only blue ones have thus far bloomed, and there was an additional appearance by some almost striped pink hyacinths. Fig leaves are well on their way. The last oak is beginning to rain down its last leaves and many are being carried away by the wind. There's no sense in erecting the screen tent until all leaves are down.


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