Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Free rent

After dental visit number two and after the car was still not ready after one entire work week and after additional work was authorized and with an engagement on Koenig and two more dental visits looming on the horizon, late Friday afternoon a plea went out to the insurance company and a rental vehicle was vouchsafed unto us at once. I knew right where there were two rental shacks downtown and another just south of the river. K., on the other hand, not being accustomed to the walking and bus-riding life and being used to zooming by everything in a car, claimed not to have seen any of them. As it turned out, the other party's company set us up right away with a vehicle from Hertz downtown. A quick jaunt on the bus and a stroll of a couple of blocks, and there we were. We hadn't had a rental vehicle since the days when we went for extended periods without a motor vehicle and would hit the Rent-A-Wreck on Congress, in the house just across the side street from Dan's Cellars, now St. Vinnie de Paul.


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