Friday, July 08, 2005


John Irving, Sean Penn, and Ed Ruscha bear some degree of likeness to one another facially, the latter two in particular. This has something to do with pointy features. I love the two gas-station books, though I own neither. I do own Los Angeles at 25 Miles an Hour, or something like that, obviously inspired by the other two. An interviewer asked Ruscha this question: "What kind of car would you like to see brought back from the '60s or '70s?" His answer is the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I like no cars from the '70s. If it had to be the '60s, then I'm still not sure. From the '50s, though, I'd pick a 1955 Cadillac, a 1957 Pontiac, a 1957 DeSoto, an immediate post-war Studebaker, a Packard Clipper, and many, many more.


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