Monday, June 26, 2006

Stage magic

H.M.S. Pinafore represents all that's best about collaborative enterprises and exemplifies how slender means pose no hindrance to enchanting results and the greater happiness of all those fortunate enough to attend a performance. The tunes stick in the head, of course. Other such magic was experienced at the Paramount when the Houston Grand Opera sent out student or young-performer touring companies (especially that Rigoletto with the rickety flats for scenery and the beautiful singing). Also never to be forgotten are the Rossini and Mozart productions at the Paramount under the baton of Walter Ducloux, especially the Cenerentola transformation scene by the light of sparklers. There was magic at the Coliseum under Joe McClain with scant resources. I'll never forget opera at the Capitol City Playhouse, where we sat on bleachers and all was accompanied by one or two pianos. I want the Pinafore customer to work for me exclusively! The military-style jackets were so beautifully and becomingly cut and so were the ladies' garments.


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