Thursday, September 07, 2006

Still made in the US of A

The laces on the Nike shoes soon tore, being loosely woven and not of good quality. They've been worn knotted for a couple of years. Academy had a good shoelace display and so some Shoe Gear 63-inch flat laces came home. The package bears this language, labeled "Unconditional Guarantee": "If not 100% satisfied with these laces, return them to R.I. Textile Co. with original receipt and we will replace them at no charge." The Rhode Island Textile Co. is in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and has been there since 1913. I love these statements from the "why choose us" page: "Whatever your narrow fabric needs, we probably make it or will develop a new style to your specifications...Depending on elastic width, we offer rolled, spooled and festooned put-ups to accomodate our customers' sewing needs. Tipped, heat-cut, barbed and assembled products in pre-cut lengths, are also available...With our in-house printing, we custom print brands or logo on elastics and laces with consistant shade and spacing...Rhode Island Textile Company is the largest manufacturer of small diameter braided cords in North America! We offer elastic and non-elastic cords in all sizes, colors and materials. We also offer custom cut and assembled cords...We also offer a wide variety of tassels and twisted cords. From bookmark tassels, honor cords, menu cords, floss and chainette tassels, you'll find value and the service you are looking for here at Rhode Island Textile Company...We are the largest supplier of military specification laces used in Combat Boots, Jungle-Desert Boots, Assault Boots, Muk Luk, Women's & Men's Dress shoes...To prevent poke-through of underwires, we developed our unique underwire contour tapes made with high tenacity nylon and with a built-in curve for smooth sewing on swimsuit bras...Rhode Island Textile Co. is one of the largest suppliers of tipped shoelaces in the United States, with imitation leather laces and hiker laces available in all lengths...Rhode Island Textile Co. is one of the world's very few manufacturers of all-cotton, dyeable Cluny lace."


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