Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sought but not found; not sought, but found anyhow

Target did not have dark-chocolate Cella cherries. The entire candy department has been moved since the last time we were there. Was it last year at this time? And the Target house-brand razor blades were nowhere to be found. On the bright side, even though the price keeps going up, there were those screw-top Anchor-Hocking glass storage jars, in two sizes, still made from the old molds and still called cracker jars. So we succumbed. Our other quest was everybody's and they had been there first: new pillows for holiday guests. We could score only four pillows, each a different style, but are we complaining? No! And here's why: when we stopped at the Eckerd drugstore (now CVS) to drop off some film for developing, in a sack branded CVS Gold Emblem candy were pink Canada Mints, wintergreen flavor! There were the white ones, peppermint, too, but the real find was the wintergreen flavor.


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