Sunday, July 22, 2007

An acquisition long deferred

I saw one in the library once: a young woman had a device that raised her laptop computer screen to a higher level. Hers could be adjusted by turning a (toothed?) knob. I didn't know what it was called and she din't know what it was called, and I hadn't seen one since. At OfficeMax, though, I thought to ask the same young man who's been at the store practically since it opened, and he knew at once what was wanted. It turned out, in this specific instance, to be a Fellowes laptop riser, a very simple device, not a docking station, and with no port replicators. This one operates on the same principle as an outdoor chaise longe, with a stand fitting in various notches or slots to alter the height of the screen. A simple ledge keeps the laptop from sliding off the raised surface. Since I'm burning the useful life of an older laptop rather than buy the desktop that's preferred, this simple device is certainly worth the investment just for the ergonomic improvement. I'm using a not-new separate keyboard angled on hind legs and placed at the proper level for the safety of hands and wrists and elbows; now the screen's where it should be as well. I did not pay the price shown on the Fellowes link, but I would gladly have done so.


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