Saturday, September 01, 2007

Not recalled

Beverly Lowry, who used to live just down the road from here, has published a book about Harriet Tubman. I've read just one book about Harriet Tubman, when I was in fifth grade; it was on the shelf in the corner with Otto of the Silver Hand, which I also read (in a copy with the same illustrations as the linked-to edition), as well as Children of Odin (sometimes called something different these days, but by Padraic Colum; the link is to the edition that I read). The book about Harriet Tubman was a thick one, but I don't know the name or the author. At any rate, in one of the reviews of Lowry's book is an account of an amazing incident that occurred in Troy, New York, and it seems new. Surely it must have been in the long-ago book and, if so, it seems astonishing that it could have been forgotten.


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