Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another good idea badly executed

We love Brussels sprouts, but, even so, one of those big stalks with the sprouts still attached does make for a lot of sprouts. The other way that fresh sprouts are found is in a little basket, also quite a quantity. It's been a long time since I've seen them loose for a you-choose-'em way of buying. So we were happy to see a little four-pack of individal servings of frozen sprouts. The trouble was that they tasted oddly sweet, almost as though sugar had been added, and also that, no matter how briefly they were exposed to heat, they were mushy. This is really a disappointment. Even large sprouts can have an "x" cut into the bottom and be perfectly tasty, but these small ones were almost insubstantial, a very odd texture. We haven't tried the similar peas yet, and we certainly will not under any circumstances try supersweet corn (ugh!). I'd rather eat field corn. Maybe we should have just picked up some of those very fresh looking parsnips at Wheatsville. The Wheatsville green beans were the very best tasted since a batch from the South Congress farmer's market last time they were in season there.


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