Saturday, November 17, 2007

An unposed still life

This was taken with a JamCam. I love this camera; in the hand, it feels like one of those old Ansco kids' cameras from the 1950s. It's tricky to get the pictures out of the camera. Pictured are a crudely stencil-painted enameled metal soup plate from a supermarket produce department, a Stangl fruit-pattern pottery plate of red clay with loopy sgraffito, a botched transfer-ware small luncheon plate, three of four Harlequin egg cups (one end for hard-boiled eggs and the other end for mashed-up soft-boiled eggs), Japanesque transfer-ware fluted cup and saucer, Syracuse Adobeware plate and cereal bowl, botched Quail-pattern transfer ware handleless teacup or small oatmeal bowl, and Arabia Windflower bread-and-butter plate.


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