Friday, March 14, 2008

It's about time

There's long been a dearth of watch-repair people, and now Rolex is doing something about that. Business Week reports that the company is supporting training programs around the world, announcing a gift to one at Oklahoma State-Okmulgee most recently. I continue to read claims that nobody wears a watch and that checking a cell-phone is the only way that people pay any attention to the time these days. These must be the same people who have never learned to tie shoelaces, having grown up with Velcro fasteners and learned to wear only slip-on footgear of one sort or another, for "Homeland Security" reasons if for no others.I have every watch I've ever worn and I've been wearing a watch since I was five years old. It's just that I wear Swatches and cheapo novelties while I wait to find someone again who can repair what's not disposable.


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