Sunday, April 27, 2008

From a new angle

I don't much care for the new Long Center so far. We'll see. Our seats have the same number as they did at Bass Hall, but everything's configured differently and so we're quite a bit off to the side. The good part is that they're aisle seats. The pitch of the seating makes it tougher to see over tall people, but there's more leg room, a huge plus. I don't think that the seats are any wider or any more cushioned than those now agiging at Bass. There is something very peculiar about the acoustics, but what is to be attributed to the hall itself and what to amplification isn't yet clear. It is very strange for applause, usually not particularly loud in any performance space, almost hurts the ears. Out on the windy paved terrace that faces downtown, the night skyline is spectacular. That was a great surprise.


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