Monday, October 20, 2008

Washable blue

That's my favorite color of fountain-pen ink. Ink in my possession right now is Lamy and also Pelikan. Shaeffer and Parker were old-time favorites. I liked the names Skrip and Quink. I'm about to try Levenger ink. I used to keep Higgins India Ink for use with a dip pen. Teachers used to have little diamond-faceted bottles of Sanford ink for keeping their registers or grades and attendance. The ink was indelible, for all practical purposes. I think that dip pens were used for the registers and I think that it took a razor blade to make corrections. I like this site for collectors of ink bottles. I wonder how many of those Carter's Ink kitten illustrations (scroll down to see two examples) have been framed and still survive. When I was a little kid, a room slept in on visits had a lot of these pictures framed.


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