Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's out there

More and more hyacinth rosettes appear, but it's too soon to peer down and be able to see buds, if any. There are leaves now for three different varieties of species tulips. One wild sunflower from last year hangs on with a blossom or two. We see three lantana flowers on very sparsely leaved plants. In outdoor pots, chicory, two kinds of milkweed, kalanchoe, a hardy chile, and a couple of other items provide flowers. Fennell everywhere has new shoots and a few flowers. Two surviving geraniums love this weather; they are vigorous and producing flowers that are large and bright. The cardinals are singing and bubbling again. Except for a couple of items in pots in very exposed places, I can't think of anything that's been frost-touched. A couple of hyacinth beans are still in bloom, but most have lost their leaves and closed down production, leaving plenty of seed-pods behind. There are buds on some of the Montopolis and Bastrop narcissi.


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