Thursday, March 19, 2009

A first and a first

This is the first nasturtium flower of the season and also the first nasturtium we've ever seen of this particular sort, with the handsome orange-red brush-stroke stripes against the golden-orange background. The plant is a trailing one. I think it's one that wintered over outdoors and has never bloomed before. There's self-sown milkweed in the picture, also. We don't know yet what color it'll be, whether all yellow or bicolor yellow and orange. The spider plants stay outside all the year round, some in pots and some in the ground, all sprung from one a neighbor gave us decades ago. There are self-sown garlic chives just barely visible in the rectangular terra-cotta pot. They come from a plant that appeared in a pot of something else that was purchased a couple of years ago from the South Austin Farmers' Market.


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