Friday, March 06, 2009

March 1979 books read

George Gordon, Lord Byron: Letters and Journals: In My Hot Youth (1798-1810)
Morley Callaghan: That Summer in Paris
Elizabeth Bowen: Joining Charles
Elizabeth Bowen: Friends and Relations
Julia Briggs: Night Visitors: The Rise and Fall of the English Ghost Story
George Gissing: The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft
Kenneth Clark: The Other Half: A Self-Portrait
Wallace Fowlie: A Journal of Rehearsals
Elizabeth Bowen: A Time in Rome
Harry Crews: A Childhood: The Biography of a Place
Erica Abeel: Only When I laugh
Mary Hyde: The Thrales of Streatham Park
George Gordon, Lord Byron: Letters and Journals: Famous in My Time (1810-1812)
Thomas O. Cochran: Pennsylvania: A History
William Shakespeare: King Richard II
William Shakespeare: The Tempest
Edwin O. Reischauer: The Japanese
Frank Graham, Jr.: The Adirondack Park

Were the Bowens reprints from Virago?


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