Sunday, April 05, 2009

Novelties in the garden

For the first time in ages, perhaps even a decade, a certain rosebush is just covered in buds. I think this bush was a present and one of those J&P so-called "experimental" unnamed varieties. Also for the first time in at least a decade, irises given long ago by a neighbor will bloom. I can see one stem with at least four buds on it. These, I think, will be blue or purply, not the more usual white ones so common around here from days gone by, the ones that sometimes bloom two and three times a year and have an anis-like scent. Firewheels show signs of being prolific this year as well. Pollinated oak flowers are wafting over from a neighbor. Our trees are still dropping leaves. Butterfly larvae are happy on the passion vines and in the fennel. The sun is too strong today for good pictures with the toy camera; everything's close to being solarized, but a few captures are up at Flickr.


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