Monday, April 27, 2009

That's one way to cut back on them

Portfolio magazine is giving up the ghost. All magazines are becoming skinnier, some whittled away to slivers of their former selves, as ad revenue declines. I love magazines. Anyone who has ever lived in a remote location where newspapers don't exist for practical purposes and where even telephones are non-existent or scarce and expensive knows why. Mail-order shopping and postal delivery of magazines are among the great delights of the simple life. Some magazines these days publish less frequently than they did; others profess to have transformed themselves into on-line publications. When they become electronic, I find that I sop reading them. I had read every issue of PC Magazine from the very beginning. Now, I never look at it at all. Some vanished mags are missed more than others. Two that I'd subscribe to again are Third Coast and Wigwag. It might be fun to see what Spy would make of these times, also.


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