Sunday, June 07, 2009

June 1979 books read

Robert Tracy: Trollope's Later Novels
Ben Iden Payne: Life in a Wooden O
William Plomer: Electric Delights
Alison Lurie: Imaginary Friends
Roy Sherwood: The Court of Oliver Cromwell
Nina Auerback: Communities of Women
Kathleen Coburn: In Pursuit of Coleridge
Agnes de Mille: Where the Wings Grow
Ian Bradley: William Morris and his World
David Skilton: The English Novel: Defoe to the Victorians
Chrisopher Fry: Can You Find Me
Booth Mooneu: LBJ: An Irreverent Chronicle
Wright Morris: Earthy Delights, Unearthy Adornments: American Writers as Image-Makers
Mary Chamberlain: Fenwomen: Portrait of Women in an English Village
Alison Lurie: The Nowhere City
Christina Stead: The Little Hotel
May Sarton: Journal of a Solitude
Norah Lofts: Domestic Life in England
Giorgio Giacosa: Women of the Caesars: Their Lives and Portraits on Coins
Monica Dickens: An Open Book
Maureen Howard: Facts of Life
Paul Scott: The Jewel in the Crown

I still own the Paul Scott; everything else was from the shelves of the Austin Public Library and I wonder just how many remain there. I hope that at least Ben Iden Payne has been kept, if only for the Austin connection.


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