Friday, August 07, 2009

August 1979 books read

Stephen Spender: The '30's and After
James Hanley: Another World
E. Nesbit: The Story of the Treasure Seekers
E. Nesbit: The Wouldbegoods
Gordon Milne: The Sense of Society: A History of the American Novel of Manners
Janet Glover: The Story of Scotland
J. McMurtry: Victorian Life and Victorian Fiction
Penelope Mortimer: Saturday Lunch with th4e Brownings
Pamela Hansford Johnson: The Good Listener
Irving Howe: Celebrations and Attacks
Paul Scott: Staying On
John H. Spyker: Little Lives
Thornton Wilder: The Ides of March
John Nichols: The Magic Journey
Anne Humphreys: Travels into the Poor Man's Country: The Work of Henry Mayhew
Jennie Calder: Women and Marriage in Victorian Fiction
Paul Theroux: The Old Patagonian Express

It's time to read some E. Nesbit again. Those, I think, were found at Terra Toys, when it was still downtown, before it moved into the Futura Press building on South Congress. I went to reread some Pamela Hansford Johnson not all that long ago and found there was not a bit of it left at the Austin Public Library. I didn't check on Penelope Mortimer, but I wouldn't be surprised to see her work gone as well. There are probably books about Thornton Wilder and his work but not much Wilder beyond Our Town.


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