Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lacking only an hour, and missing seed packets

In under sixty minutes, it will be four o'clock, and the four o'clocks have been open all day long. What beautiful weather! It's a favorite type: overcast and probably not over sixty degrees all day long. It's wam enough for racket sports or outdoor handwork and cool enough to make walking and outdoor activity of many kinds pleasurable indeed. There are several variations on pink four o'clocks, and the white ones, which appeared from nowhere, truly look their best under these skies. I love it that these flowers are called marvel of Peru as an alternate name and that in Spanish they're often called the equivalent of marvel of Jalapa. We've been very sad not to find Lone Star Seed packets in any of the usual places lately. Today, when we checked at Buck Moore's feed store we were told that Lone Star Seed is no longer selling seeds in packets (implying, I think, that the company is still in the bulk business). At any rate, the Web site is no longer up. I've always bought at least one of every type of packet I could find that is printed with the old designs from plates originally meant for chromolithographic printing. The link to the site is to an archived version. When there's time, I think I should scan some of the packets that I've saved.


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