Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Modern material culture: confectionery packages

These fancy boxes have obliterated any memory of their plainer predecessors. The jelly sticks were ordered as a surprise for the person in the household who loves them. They came via Vermont Country Store and the contents were made by Sweet's Candy of Salt Lake City, "a family tradition since 1892." I don't know why the boxes are of slightly differing dimensions. The display typeface is one that has been quite popular recently. Central Market was using it for ads and promotional literature until a short time ago, and some other enterprise has been employing it in Chron ads. Vermont Country Store does not offer the dark-chocolate raspberry sticks. I treat myself to Wilbur Buds; everyone called Hershey Kisses "buds" when I was a kid. Wilbur Buds are more refined and less grainy than the Hershey product. According to the Wilbur history page, Buds date from 1894. Hershey Kisses made their debut in 1907. I like them both. This entry is also part of the continuing scan-o-rama series.


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