Sunday, January 31, 2010

How are those resolutions coming along?

Well; perhaps we should call them "intentions." Instead of reading mostly works from past eras and not for the first time. I've exposed myself to some of the book-club perennials of the past few years and didn't think much of them. The three best books read thus far are Little Bird of Heaven (Joyce Carol Oates), Cloudsplitter (Russell Banks), and Old Filth (Jane Gardam). The links go to fair and informative reviews. The books came from the library. By far the best of these books was the Jane Gardam. I've place a hold on The Man in the Wooden Hat, which deals with some of the same Dickensian characters (including one named Veneering, a name seen by me elsewhere only in Our Mutual Friend). Am I singing at least one entire song every day and not repeating? Yes. Sometimes the song is unaccompanied and sometimes I'm singing along; so far that has been with Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (starting with From the Beginning). Am I whistling one entire song every day? Not every day. I still like the Swingin' Shepherd Blues, it turns out. If we're around and think of it, we very often listen to Swingin' Down the Lane and Rhythm Sweet and Hot from KNCT in Temple-Killeen. I'd forgotten how often Bing Crosby was recorded taking a lilting whistling break on his records. Singing makes the singer happy.


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