Thursday, October 14, 2010

Judging by the cover

These packages show a sense of humor. Each is for a different "masque" and displays instructions in English, French, and Spanish. Someone bought them for me at H-E-B because they're eye-catching and funny. The sales slip didn't accompany them. The company is called Montagne Jeunesse, and the home page shows many products in these little packets (chocolate mud masque, apricot scrub, passion peel-off, sauna masque, etc). All the ones pertaining to the visage are similar to the two depicted here. Here's another page displaying some of these products, complete with fruit- and mud-adorned faces. Montagne Jeunesse appears to be located in Swansea, Wales. Whatever the benefits of the products within, the packets themselves are worth a fair amount in entertainment value.


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