Monday, August 22, 2011

Circus: what a bargain!

The band had better arrangements than ever, and there's nothing like singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" to live accompaniment as a star-spangled woman rides around the ring in a spotlight waving the flag. It was fun when the band struck up backing chords from "My Girl" and a large part of the audience sang along very loudly, recognizing the tune and knowing the words. Segways were employed ingeniously sans center-post and handlebars (those are acrobats, after all). The costumes were immaculate, and the choreography was outstanding. The clown routines were more appealing than usual, the "Batman," brandishing baseball bats, and "Iron Man," accompanied by items that usually glide atop an ironing board, constituted just two of the visual puns. All the acrobats were a joy to watch, including especially the trampoline act with the flame-demon costumes. The strong-man act was well paced and humorous. This circus truly was a delight to children of all ages. The show attended appeared to be sold out or close to it. Circus is like opera, a complete theatrical experience.


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