Friday, April 20, 2012

So many sweet peas, so many loquats

We'll really miss all these when they're done for the season. There are many more towers of sweet peas, most using lantanas for support, but these views are the only ones that don't have homely backdrops supplied by neighboring vistas. Some of the loquats are turning into raisins of a sort on the trees. No branches have broken yet, but may are so laden that they're bent all the way to the earth. The ground is paved with loquat seeds. The fruits are now fermenting on the trees and on the ground, so there are some noisy nights, thanks to creature drunkenness. During the daytime, the loquats are covered in hundreds of red admiral butterflies, which drink the juice of the fruits, just as though it were nectar. Grackles are preoccupied with all those small moths that spring up from the ground.


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