Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One monarch butterfly and other evanescent presences

There are eggs of the monarch butterfly all over the milkweed plants in pots, but we've seen only one monarch butterfly, two days ago. The image here depicts just one of the many clematis flowers from our three 99-cent plants. They are gigantic and they continue to appear.

There are flower buds on two different hollyhock plants. Nasturtiums flourish. Only a tardy narcissus blooms here and there. The flowers have dropped from one oak tree; the others haven't bloomed yet. We have seen a few small delphinium plants. Something is eating the leaves of the bush beans; we suspect grasshoppers. The pumpkins or squashes have many gaudy flowers on them; they haven't succumbed yet to mold or damping off or whatever usually claims them where they volunteer.

We're very glad to have so many pink evening primroses this year. There are buds on the bachelor buttons. Nasturtiums are sprawling everywhere. We've seen our first Turk's cap flowers, along with our first skinks and first anoles.

We can hear and smell people cranking up their air-conditioners. We haven't opened the transoms yet but have had some windows open, although without fans in them so far.

This was perfect weekend weather for the Zoppe Italian Family Circus; there were drafts created in the tent by rolling up the walls from the bottom. We think we remember that Circo Hermanos Vazquez, setting up at Highland Mall at the end of the week after a gap in Austin appearances, has mechanical ventilation in its tent these days.


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