Monday, April 28, 2003

My high-school graduating class numbered 100 people, give or take a couple in either direction. Nine of them can't be located by the reunion committee. Of course, I can see right away that the names of two are misspelled, which may have something to do with the inability to locate them. Of the missing, two are female. One was very quiet and the other very flamboyant. Only one of the missing guys has an unusual name; otherwise, the others are common and include one Dutch name, one French name, and four Irish names. The last time that a reunion notice came, nobody on the committee had an e-mail address. This time all four do: one female and one male at, a female at, and a guy on RoadRunner. This was the kind of school that doesn't ask for graduates' accomplishments to go into the reunion program, but only for the number of children and grandchildren and "interesting places visited." I think the assumption is that, except for the missing nine, nobody left, ever, except for those who went into the military service and did or didn't return. And those otherwise not in the land of the living.


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