Friday, June 04, 2010

Working again

More of my hand is working again. Thanks to a near-lethal intersection of a trash cart, some dog excrement, and me, I've been hors de combat for a while, at least when it comes to doing some of my favorite things. Sometimes it's a challenge to find activities for a left-handed person using the right hand only fairly well, even if better than most are able to do with the non-dominant hand. So I tried a household hint that has never worked on showerheads, but it worked on the rosette of my old copper Haws watering can. The holes had become clogged with mineral deposits, to the point where nothing emerged from the rose, so it had been set aside and not in use for years. I soaked the rosette in white distilled vinegar for two days, and the clogs dissolved. The outlets were too fine to be pricked open by the finest needles or sewing pins in the house. What it lost in patina, it gained in utility. It now once again produces a very fine mist, and does so using every single opening.


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