Friday, March 26, 2010

Tulip census

We have Tubergen's Gems at last, and it appears that there will be many. The Lilac Wonder tulips were beaten up some in this weather and so lost their petals early. The red-and-white Clusiana tulips are few but sweet. And we have a Dutch tulip returnee from years ago that has surprised us with a but for an actual bloom. It's too early to tell much about the color, but the bud is not one of those false ones, all sepal, that are usually produced by these returnees ef they ever do more than shoot up a few scant leaves. What the squirrels didn't eat of the pumpkin seeds and what the cold weather didn't destroy is producing some plants that now have their first true leaves. We see no signs of life yet in Pride of Barbados, milkweeds, or lantanas, but it's early yet. At least we have milkweed volunteers for the butterflies.


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