Sunday, March 14, 2010

New arrivals in the pleasure grounds

As the earliest hyacinths begin to shoot up and then topple over, we can still smell them and some of them are still upright. Everything else that has been here is still here and blooming, but the earliest examples of everything are suffering in the heat and beginning to dry and fade away (I love the Spanish verb marchitar. I first heard it, I think, in the words to a song on a Ramon Ayala record. I seem to remember that there's a Latin verb marcesco, marcescere and also an adjective, marcidus, from the same verb, but when I search on line only versions of the verb for to die are found.) This morning we found the first deep blue Dutch hyacinths and also the first blooms from daffodil Flower Record. Honeybees have moved on to the redbuds from the pear tree.


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